Earth Friendly Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great way to heat any space .  These can be installed as a traditional central force air system or choose from a variety of fixtures that best suit the space. 

Heat pumps draw energy for air or water and transfers this heat to the inside.   This heat transfer uses 1/3 the energy provide by a standard electrical heater.  This makes heating your home or hot water way cheaper.   

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi has a great line of electric heat pumps available for commercial and residential building.   We have listed some of our favorite units here.  Click on the link for more information on each unit or check out the Heat Pump Basic information page if you want to know more abut heat pumps. 

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Zuba Heat Pump System
  • Works in temperatures as low as -30°C

  • Heating output is 95% at -15°C

  • With VRF Driven compressor

  • Outdoor unit is very quiet, even at high speeds

  • Low cost heating , no natural gas required.

  • Very low greenhouse foot print.  

  • Provides heating & cooling from one unit.

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Recessed Ceiling Cassette
  • One Way Ceiling cassette are narrow and can fit between 16" centre joists and only 8" deep

  • Used in new construction or retrofitted to existing homes.

  • Quiet operation  , even in a quiet room you can barely hear these units run.

  • Four Way Ceiling Cassettes  are designed for large rooms.

  • Works well for a Suspended ceiling for retail or office space

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Ceiling Suspended
  • Hangs below ceiling or joist

  • Front Discharge

  • Bottom intake

4-Way Ceiling Recessed
  • Sits flush to the ceiling

  • Up to 3½ Tons Capacity

  • Service from below the ceiling.

Floor Mounted Fan Coils
  • No room on the wall or ceiling.  Floor mount units can fit into an unused space

  • Can be piped from directly below which works well with crawl space runs

  • Optional  casing to allow the unit to be recessed into the wall 

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Ducted Fan coils
  • Low Profile Fan coil for tight ceiling space. 

  • Standard Profile Fan coils suspended ceilings or crawl space

  • Multi-position fan coils for larger systems

  • Retrofit gas or electric forced air furnace systems.  

  • Optional electric heaters for increased heating capacity.

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High Wall Mount Fan Coils
  • Mounts to vertical interior walls

  • Most Common fixture style

  • Lowest Cost Fixture

  • Works best where gravity condensate draining.

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City-Multi Heat Pump Systems
  • Commercial or Residential Application

  • Wide Variety of Indoor Fixtures to choose

  • Ducted Fan Coils, High Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount , Floor Mount +

  • Control up to 50 separate Zones within a building

  • Indoor unit is very quiet, 22dB at low speeds

  • Outdoor Unit noise level is 49dB at low speeds.  ( Normal Conversation - ~60dB)

  • 3 Pipe system to run heating and cooling at the same time.

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