Draw heat from the Air with Heat Pumps to heat your home or business. 
Single Zone Systems 

Ducted or Ductless to suit any application.

Air Source heat pumps are a great way to heat and cool any home.   No fossil fuels required. These have a very low GHG footprint and can run for 20 years+ with very little maintenance.   Forced Air units heat a 200 square meter home or just heat a single room. 

Multi-Zone Heat Pump

No Ducts , No Problem -  Refrigeration piping can is at least 30 times smaller than duct work and restate is really expensive.  If you want to maximize your space and want total control of the room temperature.  Multi split heat pumps are what you are looking for.


Choose from a variety of fixtures to match the decor of any room.  Blend into the back ground or use as part of the decor.     

Up 8 zones can be supplied with a single outdoor condensing unit and up to 50 meters in piping runs.  Low temperature units can operating efficiently down to -30C and eliminate the need for back up heat. 

For larger commercial units these systems can run heating and cooling at the same with remarkable efficiency.  It can move heat from one office that is too warm to a nearby that is too cool and use the same energy.   

HP_rd cut.png
Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps can be used for hydronic heating as well  Great for radiant floors heating systems or pre-heating domestic hot water. These units can heat hot water at half the cost of a standard electric hot water tank even when winter temperatures reach -7C.  

If if oil and propane are your primary source of heating or you use electrical heating element for hot water or space heating, these Air Source heat pumps systems are a great choice and can pay for them selves quickly.

Ground Source & District Energy Systems 

Water to Air and Water to Water Heat Pumps such as these Climate Master units are another great way to heat domestic hot water or forced air heating systems.  Several regional district are creating low temperature water delivery systems that allow the water to water or water to air systems to use low cost energy source.