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Our Mission

To design, build, install and maintain, commercial and residential building Heat Pumps and HVAC systems, that are high quality, energy efficient and mechanically sound.

Our Focus

To help you assess your HVAC buildings costs, mechanical deficiencies and energy concerns.  We will service, analyze and execute a plan for your immediate needs, and look toward your future heating and airconditioning energy savings potential. 

Our Committment

We will develop solutions, define your

HVAC goals- and realize them!


Founder and Principal

David resides in Squamish and his career in Energy Management and Building System Design spans over 30 years in the industry.  He is a LEED Green Associate, ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) and ASHRAE Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP). 


David specializes in operational efficiency, while targeting reductions in operating costs through Retro-Commissioning and a best practice process, that gets the job right the first time.  David holds technical licensing in HVAC Systems and Design, in Industrial, Commercial and Multi-Residential projects.

HVAC Professional

" I have many years of experience analyzing buildings, their HVAC systems and energy performance. The ASHRAE Certifications, is a standard of service and best practices that further qualifies my ability and demonstrates my commitment, to deliver consistent, high quality HVAC Systems"

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