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It pays to service your gas heating equipment.

Until November 30 , 2019 - Fortis BC gas will help pay to have your gas heating equipment service.

Furnace or Boiler  $25

Natural Gas Fireplace $25 (max 2 units )

Tankless Water Heater $25

Bonus for applying online $10

Maximum rebate of $135 per household

High efficiency  gas systems need to be serviced annually.   Modern gas appliances require precise set up of air and gas to maintain optimum fuel ratio.    Over time, the mixture can change and reduce efficiency.  This can have a big affect on the cost of heating your home and can reduce the life of your furnace.      

Why wait for that old furnace to quit.  Switch to a 97% Efficiency furnace and get up to a $700 Rebate from Fortis BC.  Most Furnace replacements can be done in one day with little mess.  Reduce your GHG footprint and save many money.  Get lower gas and electric bills every month.   

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