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Incentive Programs and Rebate.

BC Hydro offers incentive programs, for improvements in electrical use, through their Alliance Members network.  A great program to take advantage of when switching from electric baseboard heaters to heat pump.  if you are interested in a furnace or boiler upgrade, Fortis BC offers incentives through their Trade Ally Network for improving gas efficiencies.


Go to Efficiency BC web site for a full list of current programs.

All the Mitsubishi equipment listed on our site qualifies for full rebate!!


Up to $2000 in incentives are being offered by BC Hydro programs for installing central heat pump system.  Install a ductless heat pump with an HSPF > 9.3 and get $1000 rebate.

Get up to $3000 for switching from fossil fuels to electric heat source.

Rebates generally apply to the top of the line equipment with equipment manufacturer highest efficiency and must have a AHRI Certificate.   Check BC Hydro web site for the approved list.


Efficiency BC web site for current program listing.  


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